You’ve Been Writing about Technology All Wrong

Technical writing and writing about technology are not the same thing. Technical writing encompasses instruction manuals or product specs. It’s cold and succinct. Sure, it has a function, but it’s not how your company’s content marketing should read. Writing about technology means communicating what your business’s technology can do for a person, how it’s useful,…

Content marketing failure

How You’re Unintentionally Killing Your Content Marketing

We’ve said it time and time again—content marketing works. In fact, content marketing can generate three times more leads and cost up to 62 percent less than traditional outbound marketing, according to Demand Metric. If you’ve created a content marketing strategy, but aren’t seeing those stellar statistics, you may be making some common mistakes that…

automated marketing

4 Ways Marketing Automation Shapes-Up Business

All too often, marketing takes a back seat in a company’s overall selling strategy. However, marketing is critical for creating brand awareness and providing the sales team with qualified leads to pursue. However, without the right strategy or tools, marketing activities will more than likely incur additional expenses rather than boost sales and contribute to…


Improve Your Marketing: Look At the Right Analytics

As marketers, we have access to a whole arsenal of analytics to improve the way we generate and nurture new business. However, that access can be both a blessing and a curse. We know what our business goals are – to make sure all of our desired customers know our name, to leverage a large database of engaged leads, and to turn those leads into customers – but when it’s time to make improvements or measure success, it’s difficult to know which metrics to use.


Being Actionable: How to Improve Your Social Media Response

As social media’s marketing role continues to grow year over year, consumers will continue to see businesses taking to blogs, Facebook and Twitter to get their attention. It has become extremely important for brands and businesses to not only have a solid social media presence, but one that is valuable, interesting and actionable – inspiring users to like, comment, share and retweet. That’s what sets apart the modern from the mediocre.