The Answers to All of Your Burning Questions About Blogging Results

When it comes to business blogging and content, you simply cannot look for instant gratification – although it is difficult not to in a society ruled by smartphones and social media. Much like with personal goals, it’s easy to get restless and expect swift, tangible results. But it’s important to remember that good things take time and effort.


5 Reasons You Aren’t Moving Forward With Your Inbound Marketing Resolutions

Well, here we are: three weeks and some change into the New Year. It’s funny how quickly our motivation can dwindle after the first of the month. Have these weeks been full of planning and productivity? No? If you have taken steps toward your goals but feel any closer to reaching them, then there is no time like the present to reflect and regroup.


7 Smart Headline Writing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Ah, the headline. A carefully crafted string of words that can mean the difference between a company email that totally flops or a blog that goes viral.

As a writer, I can’t even guess how much time I’ve spent writing and re-writing those few short words (with fingers crossed), hoping they will be the perfect combo that will pack a punch. Can you relate?


5 Reasons to Have a Journalist on Your Side

I was at work one day when it hit me like a ton of bricks: I might have belonged in marketing all along. After majoring in journalism and working for several newspapers in college, I got my first “big girl job” at an inbound marketing agency (whose blog you’re reading right now) a month after graduation.

I was reminiscing about my newspaper days when I realized that, for the most part, not much has changed. As a public relations and communications specialist, I still need to be comfortable with strict and quickly-approaching deadlines, have a way with wordplay and be able to find “the angle.” The skill set doesn’t change between journalists and content marketers, only the intentions do.


Pinterest Grows by Leaps and Bounds – Right to Your Favorite Sites

When it comes to inbound marketing, it’s all about engaging content. And thanks to the fact that almost everyone owns a tablet or smart phone, visual content sharing is reigning supreme — mostly because snapping a picture of an experience is even easier than coming up with 140 characters to describe it.

So it’s no surprise that Pinterest is now the fastest-growing platform for online content sharing, according to online content distribution service ShareThis.