CTA common mistakes

4 Common Call to Action Mistakes

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are critical lead generation tools. They’re the links, images and buttons that inspire your site visitors to engage with you, and more importantly, divulge their personal information. Sounds simple, right? Well, you would be surprised at how much thought goes into in such a small space.

Your CTAs will be much, much more effective if you use them right. Avoid these four call to action mistakes that marketers commonly make:

marketing solutions

3 Solutions To Common B2B Marketing Challenges

As a business, you face many challenges including how to market your product or service in a B2B environment. Such challenges are faced so often that you are probably familiar with them and discuss with your marketing team on an almost daily basis.

Some of the most challenging hurdles to get over are dealing with a lengthening sales cycle, market segmentation and program attribution. Solving this puzzle is enough to give any business heartburn — but it doesn’t have to. An experienced marketing team can help solve them.