Marketing to restaurateurs such as these managing chefs means taking the right approach to email marketing and social marketing

Real-World Advice for Marketing POS Solutions to Restaurants, Part 2

In Real-World Advice for Marketing POS Solutions to Restaurants, Part 1, the focus was on special considerations POS resellers need to take into account regarding content marketing and their websites when they are marketing to restaurants. Part 2 deals with strategies for email newsletters and social media to reach these customers:    Newsletters Sending a…

Marketing POS to restaurant owners such as these coffee shop owners, requires attention to content marketing and your website

Real-World Advice for Marketing POS Solutions to Restaurants, Part 1

POS resellers need to approach marketing to restaurants differently than other industries or vertical markets. To realize a return for the time and investment you put into marketing your point of sale (POS) solutions, you need to tailor your marketing strategy to the needs — and even the business hours — of your restaurant clients…

Bar graph and pie chart on an tablet show business growth from technology marketing.

3 Must-Have Technology Marketing Strategies for VARs, Integrators, and ISVs

Marketing your technology business can be a challenge. The technical side of your business (and maybe your personality or your staff’s) can make maintaining a website, promoting products and services, and generating leads seem far outside your wheelhouse. To ensure your marketing efforts are on target and effective, make sure you are leveraging these three technology…

thought leadership is a bright idea for marketing technology

What Thought Leadership Contributes to Marketing Technology

Content marketing is an effective strategy for marketing your technology business — but only if it’s based on the right content. A basic rule of thumb is that thought leadership will get more responses than content promoting products and services. In content marketing, website visitors complete online forms to download content, such as e-books, white…


You’ve Been Writing about Technology All Wrong

Technical writing and writing about technology are not the same thing. Technical writing encompasses instruction manuals or product specs. It’s cold and succinct. Sure, it has a function, but it’s not how your company’s content marketing should read. Writing about technology means communicating what your business’s technology can do for a person, how it’s useful,…

Content marketing failure

How You’re Unintentionally Killing Your Content Marketing

We’ve said it time and time again—content marketing works. In fact, content marketing can generate three times more leads and cost up to 62 percent less than traditional outbound marketing, according to Demand Metric. If you’ve created a content marketing strategy, but aren’t seeing those stellar statistics, you may be making some common mistakes that…