5 Reasons You Aren’t Moving Forward With Your Inbound Marketing Resolutions

Well, here we are: three weeks and some change into the New Year. It’s funny how quickly our motivation can dwindle after the first of the month. Have these weeks been full of planning and productivity? No? If you have taken steps toward your goals but feel any closer to reaching them, then there is no time like the present to reflect and regroup.


Why You Haven’t Seen Inbound Marketing Results Yet

In 1739, Poor Richard said “a watched pot is slow to boil.” In 2014, the same message can be applied to inbound marketing results. Many businesses who adopt an inbound strategy — especially those who were wary of trying it in the first place – expect quick and easy results. That is unrealistic thinking. To be successful, a lot of time and effort must go into your inbound strategy.


The 2014 Marketing Predictions You Should Ignore

In light of the start of a new year and our recent post about the latest inbound marketing trends, we thought it would also be useful to write about the 2014 marketing predictions you shouldn’t listen to. As you read through your favorite blogs or search for posts about the New Year’s emerging trends, we here to help you sort out the good ones. Most of these are terrible predictions simply because they have already happened. Others may never happen, at least not this year.


The 4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Affect You the Most in 2014

If you haven’t started already, you need to plan now for the New Year. Soon, your personal and business lives will be swept up by the hurricane that is about to hit: the holidays. Historically, the month of December doesn’t leave much time to strategize. While you have a little time left, read up on the four social media trends that will affect your marketing landscape the most in 2014.


7 Smart Headline Writing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Ah, the headline. A carefully crafted string of words that can mean the difference between a company email that totally flops or a blog that goes viral.

As a writer, I can’t even guess how much time I’ve spent writing and re-writing those few short words (with fingers crossed), hoping they will be the perfect combo that will pack a punch. Can you relate?

B2B Social Media

B2B Social Media: 6 Steps to Make it Shine

When it comes to social media, B2B companies get a bad rap, with many people thinking they are just impersonal, faceless entities. These companies are constantly compared to B2C companies, whose products might be “sexier” or more likely to make a splash on Yahoo’s homepage — or could be considered just more fun to market.

Well, the time to be boring is over!

Holiday marketing tips

How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

With the increase in consumer spending and the cheerful spirit of the season, branching out with your business efforts during the holidays is bound to work out in your favor. It’s a perfect time to try marketing tactics that you might not normally. It’s also a perfect time to show your appreciation to those who have led you to success.