5 Reasons to Have a Journalist on Your Side

I was at work one day when it hit me like a ton of bricks: I might have belonged in marketing all along. After majoring in journalism and working for several newspapers in college, I got my first “big girl job” at an inbound marketing agency (whose blog you’re reading right now) a month after graduation.

I was reminiscing about my newspaper days when I realized that, for the most part, not much has changed. As a public relations and communications specialist, I still need to be comfortable with strict and quickly-approaching deadlines, have a way with wordplay and be able to find “the angle.” The skill set doesn’t change between journalists and content marketers, only the intentions do.

CTA common mistakes

4 Common Call to Action Mistakes

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are critical lead generation tools. They’re the links, images and buttons that inspire your site visitors to engage with you, and more importantly, divulge their personal information. Sounds simple, right? Well, you would be surprised at how much thought goes into in such a small space.

Your CTAs will be much, much more effective if you use them right. Avoid these four call to action mistakes that marketers commonly make:


How to Create CTAs: A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Them Great

Let’s face it: as an inbound marketer, your marketing campaigns lie in the hands of your leads. Rather than intruding their lives with traditional, outbound marketing methods, you have to sort of sit back and wait. What makes that wait a little shorter, though, is providing enticing opportunities for leads to obtain useful information through calls to action (CTAs). Take advantage of your 24-hour digital real-estate by asking your site visitors to take action.