video marketing tips

3 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, in today’s information and visually-saturated world, a video is a sure way of making your business stand out from a sea of static images and boring text. In this article, I’d like to address some basic steps that you can take to get your own video marketing project up and running — as a way to more effectively promote your business.

landing pages

How to Make the Most of Your Landing Pages

What is a landing page? Simply put, a landing page is a single page on a website that exists for the sole purpose of capturing information from visitors who view the page. Depending on your business, the information collected could be as simple as getting the users name and email address or more detailed like collecting a name, phone number, state and best time to call. This information would be useful if you had a team of sales people who would need to personally contact the individual who completes the form. Contacting the person at the appropriate time could be the difference between making a sale and losing one.

content marketing trends

4 Emerging Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing is continuing to gain importance. Last year, companies spent an average of 33 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, a 7 percent increase from the previous year. And spending is still rising, according to a recent survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). More than half of all content marketers said their budgets would increase this year.


So-Long Google External Keyword Research Tool

This month, Google users are saying their goodbyes to the External Keyword Research Tool.

In May, Google announced on its AdWords blog that it planned to replace the external tool with the Keyword Planner program. The Keyword Planner “combines the functionality of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator into a smooth, integrated workflow,” AdWords Product Manager Deepti Bhatnagar explained in the post.