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Attract Qualified Prospects With Engaging Content

Outsource Content Development to a Technology Content Writer

Your customers have questions and they turn to the Internet for answers. The SkyRocket Group can help you develop content that answers the questions your clients and prospects are asking, and, using search engine optimization (SEO), we make sure they can find your content when searching with keywords related to your business.

With years of experience providing marketing services to companies in the IT channel, The SkyRocket Group’s technology content writers understand the technologies you sell and the industries and markets you serve. We follow trends and know the topics, content formats, and writing styles that resonate with your partners and customers.

When people are interested in and click on your content, we also make sure they find engaging calls to action (CTAs). This strategy allows you to capture marketing leads, nurture them through drip marketing campaigns, and convert leads to sales.

B2B Companies that Blog Generate 67% More Leads Per Month
Than Those that Do Not Blog.

Outsource Content Development and Get Results

The SkyRocket Group can put you on the path to creating the right content at the right time to generate more traffic and convert that traffic into leads. We will help you plan a schedule of content creation, posting, and promotion featuring a variety of content such as:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Case Studies
  • Press Releases
  • Byline Articles
  • Web page content
  • Product catalogs
  • Video scripts
  • Sales literature

What Sets The SkyRocket Group Apart From Other Agencies

The SkyRocket Group is known for creating interesting, relevant content for your target market. When you outsource content development to our team of experienced marketing directors, technology content writers, designers, and social media managers, there is no hand-holding required. With SRG, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of professionals who are fluent in the solutions you provide and write about them every day. We are well versed in an array of technologies including:

  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Mobile POS
  • Barcode
  • RFID
  • EMV
  • Encryption and tokenization
  • Mobile payments
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Loyalty and gift card
  • Digital signage and kiosks
  • Printing
  • Wireless networking
  • Mobile device management

The SkyRocket Group routinely writes content that addresses end users in a range of markets and industries including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Mobile payments

If you are ready to work with experienced professionals to make content a key component of your marketing strategy, contact The SkyRocket Group.

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