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Advantages of Outsourcing Marketing Services

Consider the benefits of using The SkyRocket Group as your virtual marketing department

Most companies are looking for ways to streamline business operations so they can focus attention on core processes. Outsourcing marketing services has become a viable strategic alternative.

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How Hiring The SkyRocket Group Compares to Hiring a Marketing Executive

The SkyRocket Group’s marketing services are tailor-made for small to midsize organizations that do not have dedicated marketing professionals. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing professional, The SkyRocket Group can be your virtual marketing department and offer you:

Lower Total Cost: For a fraction of the cost of hiring one seasoned marketing executive, The SkyRocket Group provides an experienced team to handle all your marketing needs.

Broader Skill Set: Our team of marketing professionals, experienced in areas such as digital marketing, design, content creation, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), has a more diverse skillset than most individual marketing employees.

Scalability: Having a team of outsourced marketing professionals at your disposal enables you to handle an increase in marketing workload without new hires.
No Loss of Momentum Due to Turnover: Entry level marketing personnel typically stay with a company for one to three years before looking for another position.

Fresh Insight: An outsourced marketing firm can provide an uncensored and objective view of your current sales and marketing strategy. They also have the experience of working with other companies in your market and can share information on market trends and successful strategies.

Focus: If marketing is assigned to an executive at your company who also has other responsibilities, outsourcing marketing services can remove the burden from that executive, enabling greater  focus on other areas of your business.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

If you have a marketing team, there may still be tasks that they do not have the time or expertise to handle internally. Whether you need support for email marketing, content creation, graphic design, or social marketing, we offer a variety of services that can complement your in-house capabilities.

Our team has experience working with marketing teams in a variety of technology companies in North America. Let’s discuss the details of how a partnership with The SkyRocket Group can benefit you.

We Specialize in Technology Marketing Services

Since 2003, The Skyrocket Group has executed marketing campaigns for many leading technology companies, witnessing extraordinary technological advances and the tremendous impact they can make on businesses. We can skillfully communicate with your clients what new technologies have to offer and how they are disrupting their market or industry.

SRG is not only expert in telling the story, but also in the right delivery methods. We will help you develop the most effective strategy within your budget to spread the word that you provide the technology solutions your clients need.

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