pcAmerica Cash Register Express
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Built for Today’s Retailer

Discover the point of sale that will transform your business—and pay just one low monthly fee.

pcAmerica/Cash Register Express, the retail point of sale solution from Heartland, is designed to make managing your store easier and profit margins higher.

A Complete Retail POS Solution
From hardware to software, we can build you a point of sale system and execute the deployment whether you have one store or one hundred.

Affordable Purchase Options
Transitioning to our POS won’t break the bank. Getting started is easy with no upfront costs and low monthly payments.

Service and Support Always Available
Get the support you need day or night, by phone or on-site.

Over 70% of shoppers would search for an item elsewhere if it was unavailable, rather than wait any length of time for it to come back in stock. Cash Register Express is an inventory powerhouse that will make your retail business run smoother, bring down your inventory carrying costs and decrease the amount of time your employees spend on inventory counts.

Product Matrix
Manage variants and composites

Generate Barcodes
Import barcodes or generate new ones

Effective Pricing and Promotions
Set prices, discounts, and markups

Customizable Tax Levels
Set by city, county, state

Never Run Out of Stock
Automate reorders

Efficient Inventory Counts
Execute counts anywhere

Complete Visibility
View & monitor stock levels

Products Levels by Store
Transfer stock between locations

83% of customers are likely to share their information to allow a personalized experience. Make the most of your historical sales information with Cash Register Express, a point of sale system that aggregates all of your customer data into a single database that allows you to make the most of your historical sales information.

Create Better Shopper Experiences
Collect data and analyze it to gain insight into shopper behavior and trends.

Engage the Customer
Create auto-trigger pricing, offer discounts or generate targeted emails to prompt purchases.

Generate Repeat Business
Easily create a custom loyalty program that will attract new customers and reward returning shoppers.

Every sales transaction ends with a payment, regardless of the sales channel. Make it fast, easy and secure for your customers to complete their transaction with an integrated payment processing system and Cash Register Express.

  • Accept everything from cash to gift cards, credit cards, and mobile payments
  • Securely store customer payment details with multi-use encrypted tokens
  • Offer flexible payment options like layaways, partial payments, deposits, account payments or split payment types

Real-time, mobile access to what matters most in your business— the data. Cash Register Express offers robust reporting that’s highly customizable so you can focus on what’s important and be empowered to make smarter business decisions.

Performance analysis
Sales goal tracker
Labor forecasts

Low stock
On hand products
Product performance

Historical sales data
Current sales and profits
End of day reports

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