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Each tool you use to market your brand has a unique audience that is more likely to be impacted, and your audience on social media should not be neglected. The same way you spend time and effort building up your email database, you should be focusing on building up your follower base on social.

Whether you like it or not, your target audience is using social to discuss your company, products, and services. Every post, like, retweet, and follow is an opportunity to lead viewers to your company’s website and help shape thinking, build loyalty, and create advocates for your brand, so it’s important to communicate to customers that you are listening and that their opinion matters. After all, more customers are choosing to do business with companies whose values, ethics, and interests reflect their own. Leverage SkyRocket Group’s social media marketing services to grow your online presence.

Services We Offer:

Social media success comes from brands that know what they want to say and how to communicate it.

Our team can help you develop a voice, define your message, and determine which social platforms best suit your brand and goals. From strategy development and content creation to determining the medium, frequency, and schedule for posting, we can manage your social marketing efforts. With our social media marketing services, you can expect:

Social Marketing Strategy

The SkyRocket Group’s marketing professionals coordinate with you to develop a tailored social media blueprint that outlines your goals and how to meet them.

Social Media Marketing for SEO

We boost your search rankings and brand visibility by ensuring keyword density and link structure in your content is optimized for the most traffic.

Community Growth & Interaction

Our social media experts help you cultivate strong relationships with your customers and followers through social listening and interaction.

Content Development

We analyze your target audience to determine what content and topics they find interesting and shareable, and optimize it to drive traffic to your site.

Paid Social Marketing

Our team utilizes and monitors paid social media advertising to ensure your brand has the furthest reach and the best ROI.

Analytics & Reporting

Our social media marketing services include detailed reports on how your social media campaigns are measuring up, what strategies are the most effective, and what needs to be changed so that your business can increase your social media presence.

Whether your goal is to increase connections and engagement, or drive traffic to your website, our in-house team creates social content that produces results. Is it time for your company to be a trending topic? Learn how to use owned and paid social to drive traffic to your website and convert site visitors into qualified leads.


Twitter isn’t just a social media site for sharing memes and live-tweeting events. Twitter is often used as a preferred news feed for the consumption of educational content. This gives you a prime opportunity to educate and inform your target audience by sharing your created and curated content and positioning yourself as a thought leader within your industry. Utilize Twitter to show off what you know and drive traffic back to your site.

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Many companies are using their Facebook pages to show the personal side of their business. Facebook gives you an opportunity to highlight your company’s culture, recognize your staff, and share your achievements and awards. The SkyRocket Group’s social media marketing services help you demonstrate what makes your business unique and follow-worthy.

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LinkedIn is a professional platform that also acts as a great sales tool. This offers unique advantages because it enables you to identify and connect with prospects that fit your customer profile. Because LinkedIn is business-oriented, you have the ability to network with potential clients and influence your contacts. It is also valuable for creating connections and opportunities for profitable partnerships.

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